Chinese contemporary art has attracted much international attention and critical acclaim during the past decades. Well known artists such as Ai Wei Wei and Cai Cuo Quiang have become global art stars, but what is the situation like now for emerging and younger artists in China? With an extensive background in curating exhibitions in a museum context as well as developing innovative audience learning programs, Veronica Wong will introduce us to how the art scene in China today has developed, its complex structures and markets, and highlight many younger artists working across different media. What kinds of issues are younger artists in China today thinking about? What is the situation with art museums and galleries now? How has the influence of globalization in China affected artists? We will approach these and other topics with Veronica, using slides and group discussion.


Veronica Wong (Director , Times Museum Associate / Curator, Public Programmes Dept.)

Veronica Wong, currently Associate Director/Head of Public Programmes Guangdong Times Museum, received a Master Degree in Visual Culture from University of Westminster, London, UK. Wong curated Plug in! - Times Museum Community Art Festival (2012), Wrong Place, Right Time - Times Museum Community Art Festival (2014), Times Museum Screening Season 2013, etc. Before then, Wong joined the British Council as Arts Officer South China in 2006 and was in charged of planning British artists exhibitions and activities including Aftershock: Contemporary British Art 1990-2006, Get it Louder, Guangzhou Triennial, Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of UrbanismArchitecture, etc. The first exhibition Wong curated “What is Art?” was a public education exhibition of Aftershock: Contemporary British Art 1990-2006, co-organized by British Council and Guangdong Museum of Art, collecting art academy students’ and audiences’ thoughts and creativities towards “What is Art?” and exhibited at a public space the Grandview Mall. She is also an art practitioner of winning 2005 London Sci-Fi Film Festival “What If…?” competition with short film “Silence Is Golden”.


Naoko Horiuchi (Curator, AIT)

Currently working as a curator, lecturer, and facilitator of Artist in Residence Program at Arts Initiative Tokyo [AIT]. After completing MSc in Contemporary Art and Art Theory at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) in 2005, worked as an independent curator in Edinburgh. Curated Aiko Miyanaga’s one person exhibition 'Tales dedicated to the dark' (2007 / Sleeper Gallery), and was an assistant curator of ‘Metronome Think Tank Tokyo in collaboration with Documenta 12 magazines’ (2006). At AIT, has curated and coordinated several art projects and Residency Program exhibitions such as 'Divided Against Ourselves' (2013 / YAMAMOTO GENDAI), 'Home Again' (2012 / Hara Museum of Contemporary Art), 'Round' (2011 / hiromiyoshii roppongi), 'Erika Verzutti and Pradeep Mishra '(2010 / Gallery SIDE 2,), and 'Platform Yokohama Seminar and 'After Hours' (2008 / Yokohama).

Shintaro Tokairin (Project Manager, AIT)


レクチャータイトル:Contemporary Art in China

日時:Thursday, July 6, 7 pm -9 pm

場所:AIT room (Daikanyama)

定員:30 名

講師:Veronica Wong (Director , Times Museum Associate / Curator, Public Programmes Dept.)


備考:A small bar is held after the lecture (21:00-21:30/Admission Paid)
*The lecture will be held in English.


Art & Culture TRIPS

 10月26日(土) 8:30-19:00(予定)

訪問先:Super Open Studio 2019(S.O.S 2019)、国立奥多摩美術館
定員:25名 *最小催行人数:15名
料金:¥16,000(税別)*コース生 ¥2,000引

20軒を超えるスタジオと、その所属アーティスト約120名からなる「Super Open Studio 2019」や、制作スタジオを美術館に見立てプロジェクト活動を行っている「国立奥多摩美術館」を巡ります。

Art & Culture TRIPS

 6月29日(土) 9:00-19:00(予定)

訪問先:N's YARD
定員:25名 *最小催行人数:15名
料金:一般 ¥16,000(税別)*コース生 ¥2,000引

アーティストの奈良美智氏の未発表作品やコレクション作品などを展示している個人美術館「N's YARD」と自然と現代アートに包まれた、保養とアートの宿「板室温泉大黒屋」を訪問します。

Art & Culture TRIPS

 10月12日(土) 9:00-19:00(予定)

定員:15名 *最小催行人数:13名
料金:¥16,000(税別)*コース生 ¥2,000引