MAD 2017 is organized around 8 lecture hubs.
Almost all of the programs are held in Japanese.
Below is an outline of the 2017 curriculum.


▼ Gateway series: Entries into Art Today.

Introduction to Contemporary Art.
Contemporary Art in the 1980s.
Contemporary Art in the 1990s.
Contemporary Art in the 2000s.
Introduction to Video Art Today.
Contemporary Art in China Today: Veronica Wong (Director , Times Museum Associate / Curator, Public Programmes Dept.)  The lecture will be held in English.
Art Collectors of the World.
How To Live with Art: Buying, Storing, Display and Enjoying a Collection.
Introduction to Curating.
Curating Catastrophe & Art: with Kenichi Kondo (Curator, Mori Art Museum)
Curating from The Wilderness: Visit and Workshop at Fenberger House (weekend outing).
Introduction to Art Scenes: Art Business Basics.
Introduction to Art Scenes: Supporting Artists: Residency, Awards and New Business Models.
How to start an Art Gallery: with Koichiro Osaka (Director, Asakusa Gallery)
Logical Emotion: Contemporary Art from Japan: with Kenjiro Hosaka (curator, MOMAT).
Basic English for Understanding Contemporary Art.
How is Japanese Art Seen Internationally Today?: with Andrew Maerkle (ArtIt critic).
Documenta 2017: A Report.
Art, Ideas and Social Capital: Workshop and Presentations 01: with Sayoko Mizuta (Curator).
Art, Ideas and Social Capital: Workshop and Presentations 02: with Sayoko Mizuta (Curator).
What Does an Artist Do All Day?: with guest Yuko Mohri (artist)
What Does an Artist Do All Day?: with guest Ellie (Chim Pom, artist)


▼ New Communities series: Ways of Coming Together, Living Together.

Curating for Common Ground: Community against Neoliberalism.
Ecology, Art & Lifestyle: with Eri Ishida (former Editor of ecocolo).
Clothes, Craft & Lifestyle: with Tomoko Sakata (Director of Kagure), Daisuke Nakachi (Director PINT).
Books, Craft & Art: with Yoshiyuki Morioka (Owner of Morioka Shoten).
Craft Sensibilities in Recent Contemporary art.
Another Life: Arts, Crafts, Mingei and the Search for Wholeness.
The Art Experiment of Monte Verita: with Atsushi Sugita (art critic).
Deep Tokyo workshop: with Shiriagari Kotobuki (Cartoonist)
Deep Tokyo tour : LGBT Tokyo. With Vivienne Sato (artist, drag queen).
Diversity and Inclusion in Art: UK case study with Megumi Iwasa (British Council, Japan)
Mizunoki Art Museum and Art Brut: with Riko Okuyama (Director).
Museum 3.0 and Ideas about the Expanded Museum: with Fumihiko Sumitomo (Director, Arts Maebashi).
Art Activism: with Yoshiko Shimada (artist).
Children and Art Access:
Rural Art Festivals: Limits and Potentials.
Art in Hospitals: UK case-study.
DIY Art Initiatives: Creating Active Audiences with Runda Group.
DIY Art Initiatives: Oku-Tama National Museum of Art: with guests Masahiro Wada
DIY Art Initiatives: How are Alternative Art Spaces Changing Today?
Art with Babies: Lets Enjoy Contemporary Art!: Motherhood, Children and Art. 01-04


▼ Body of Painting series: Learning to Look and Attend.

Paul Cezanne & Bill Traylor.
Yorozu Tetsugoro & Pablo Picasso.
Emily Kame Kngwarreye & Agnes Martin.
Gerhard Richter & David Hockney.
Amy Sillman & Andreas Schulze.
Christian Lassen: Sublime Dolphins and Kitsch in Painting.
Recent Contemporary Painting Exhibitions.
Speaking with Painters: with Shingo Francis (artist)
Speaking with Painters: with Peter McDonald (artist)
Looking Together: One Day Presentations of Your Paintings with criticism from Shingo Francis (artist) and Peter McDonald (artist). (Saturday full day session)


▼ Spiritual Art series: Peering over the Horizon of Language.

Filling the Void: Zen Buddhism and Modern Art.
Earth Power: Matsuzawa Yutaka, Jomon Animism and other Land Artists.
Psychedelic Culture and Art.
Stopping Time: with Takashi Ishida (artist)
Where Art Came From – Cave Painting and Consciousness.
The Search for Immortality: Russian Cosmism and the Museum.
Zombies, Apocalypse and Future:
Quiet Clubs: Ambient, Space music and Therapy.
Nowhere/ Everywhere: with Fumito Urabe (artist).


▼ MAD World courses: Short courses led by:

Hiroharu Mori (artist)
Fukutomi Sho (Thai Cultural Researcher)
Isobe Ryo (Music critic)
Midori Yamamura (Art Historian)


▼ Art Partners course: Guest lectures by:

Fumio Nanjo (Director, Mori Art Museum)
Miho Doi (PR Communications Specialist, Deutsche Bank Group)
Seichi Yoshino (Art Collector)
Oki Matsumoto (Chief Executive Officer, Monex Group, Inc)
Takeo Obayashi (Chief Executive Officer, Obayashi Corporation)
Kozo Fujimoto (Artistic Director / Corporate Advisor, JIN CO., LTD.)
Masashi Shiobara (Director Art Office Shiobara)


▼ Reading and Writing Lab:

Workshops and lectures led by Andrew Maerkle (Art Critic).


▼ Free MAD:

Over sixty free online 30 minute video lectures by MAD Director Roger McDonald, based on ‘Art Since 1900’ text.




The lectures and workshops are mainly held in Japanese.
Unless otherwise stated all talks are presented by MAD teaching staff:
Roger McDonald, Yuko Shiomi, Naoko Horiuchi, Rie Okuma, Rika Yoda, Shintaro Tokairin, Shoko Aoki.



1951 – 1959a 次世代へ(9レクチャー)

講師:ロジャー・マクドナルド(MADプログラム・ディレクター/AIT 副ディレクター)



1900-1907 – 夢想家と荒くれ者たち(5レクチャー)

講師:ロジャー・マクドナルド(MADプログラム・ディレクター/AIT 副ディレクター)



1930a-1934a 消費社会とレボリューション!(5レクチャー)

講師:ロジャー・マクドナルド(MADプログラム・ディレクター/AIT 副ディレクター)

大量消費社会が加速する中、ドイツでは広告やファッション誌の写真の担い手として、数多くの女性写真家を生み出しました。 また、この時期はシュールレアリ…