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MAD 2017 is based on four series of talks and four parallel courses and online contents which can help us appreciate the complexity of contemporary art today. We have adopted a Holistic approach that understands art as one part of a broad spectrum of knowledge and human expression. In particular our series looks into the idea of art and alternative ways of being in the world. We are living through a time of accelerating change, when human-ness is questioned, nature and our place in the cosmos becomes fragile and culture is perhaps almost totally commodified. Can we occupy different modes of time through art? What are the connections between art, craft and daily living? Can art be aesthetic and activist? How can we look at painting today? What kinds of alternative communities emerge through art, spirituality and music? How can art be accessed by all people in society? What kinds of original ideas are exhibition-makers proposing for the future?



Roger McDonald
Director, MAD / Deputy Director, Arts Initiative Tokyo [AIT]

Born 1971, Tokyo Japan. Studies in the UK. MA Mysticism and Religious Experience (Canterbury), PhD History of Art (Zen, Modern Art, Psychedelic studies). External lecturer at 5 art universities in Tokyo since 2003. Independent exhibition making since 1998. Assistant Curator Yokohama Triennale 2001, Curator Singapore Biennale 2006. Founding member of Arts Initiative Tokyo 2000. Has written for various online and paper based art media in Japan. Moves to Saku, Nagano prefecture in 2010. Director of Fenberger House, a small mountain art museum and space music tea room. Makes and sells chutney with his wife.?


What Can Art Do?


- 社会と関わるアートから、全てと関わる…

 6月21日(木) 19:00-21:00



定員:25 名




多摩ニュータウン探訪 – 都市…

- 都市の実験を読み解く -

 6月9日(土) 15:00-20:00(終了予定)



定員:12 名




- アウトサイダー・アート、ピカソ、アー…

 4月11日(水) 19:00-21:00

講師:ロジャー・マクドナルド(MADプログラム・ディレクター/AIT 副ディレクタ―)


定員:25 名