Corporate Clients

As an extension of MAD, we also organize corporate training programs and workshops involving the arts, as well as guided art tours at exhibition venues.
We also offer lectures outside of MAD for corporate clients and/or art institutions, from introduction on contemporary art to latest movements of the art world. Please feel free to contact us if interested.
(Languages: Japanese and English)



Year: 2014
Program: Guided tour of exhibition by curator and participating artists, Workshop on how to view and appreciate art
Venue: Hara Museum of Contemporary Art ”Art Scope 2012-2014 – Remains of Their Journeys”
Audience: Deutsche Bank Employees and employee family members and friends


Photo by Yukiko Koshima



Year: 2014
Program: Special Event “Children’s Caption Project”- Commentary on the artworks written by children
Venue: Mori Art Museum ”Go-Betweens: The World Seen through Children”
Audience: Preschool to Elementary children

Photo by Shinichiro Mikuriya / Courtesy of Mori Art Museum


Art & Culture TRIPS


ゲスト:向谷地宣明(MCMedian代表取締役 / NPO法人BASE代表理事)、浦河べてるの家関係者ほか
訪問先:「第27回べてるまつり in 浦河」(浦河町総合文化会館)ほか
定員:20名 *最小催行人数:14名
※ 早期「お問合せ」割引 / MAD生割引あり


Art & Culture TRIPS

 10月26日(土) 8:30-19:00(予定)

訪問先:Super Open Studio 2019(S.O.S 2019)、国立奥多摩美術館
定員:25名 *最小催行人数:15名
料金:¥16,000(税別)*コース生 ¥2,000引

20軒を超えるスタジオと、その所属アーティスト約120名からなる「Super Open Studio 2019」や、制作スタジオを美術館に見立てプロジェクト活動を行っている「国立奥多摩美術館」を巡ります。

Art & Culture TRIPS

 4月20日(土) 14:00-18:00(予定)

ゲスト:和佐野有紀(PROJECT501ディレクター / 耳鼻咽喉科医)
定員:12名 *最小催行人数:7名
料金:¥7,500(税別)*コース生 ¥2,000引